Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Breaking news as it is happening in downtown Los Angeles. Police are following a getaway car on the 405 in a live action chase. The alleged gunman fled a 7-Eleven Store after an armed robbery. The images you are watching come to us from a helicopter overhead.
From up here it looks like the red Chevy is doing about eighty weaving through traffic. He's a helluva driver; I'll give him that. Look, his tires are loose, now he's riding on his rims, down the off ramp. It’s a residential area. He's pulled over and taking off by foot through the backyards, vaulting over walls. It appears that his pants are falling down. A dog is pulling on them and has his shoe. He's done. The police have cuffed him.
This is infuriating. The guy should be put away for a long time He has endangered the lives of so many people. No one is safe anymore even in a quiet community.
I'm part retriever, part everything else and not even Golden. I could chase tennis balls 20 hours a day. My preference is green. I was bored until this guy climbed over my fence heading straight for my fuzzy green ball. So I gave him my best growl, flashed my teeth and got them around him. The next thing I know all these men are circling me. Good boy, they keep saying and I'm get patted on my back. All I want is my ball.
It’s been the worst day of my life. I don't know what I was thinking. After I see my girlfriend drive away with some dude, my boss tells me to take a hike. Nothing matters no more. So I go into this convenience store and have myself a little fun. I make like a crook, you know, and stick my hand in my pocket pointing a Bar-B-Q chicken like a gun at the cashier. The guys panics and I run.

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