Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Was it hubris back then
or fear disguised
when I knew everything?
But that’s all I knew.

I woke in an orchard,
that marketplace of ideas,
and thought I had to choose
between apple and orange.

Too scared to juggle, too un-
prepared for hybrid thoughts,
I didn’t see the sun-shower,
insisting it was either raining or not.
I was hungry for opposites
but had no taste for bruised fruit,
only for the unspeckled in its rarefied air.

This was no Eden of good or…
It was the garden of good and…
It took years to row from Or to And,
to shake Hegel from my hair,
the habit of my vows,
to un-furrow my binary brow.

Now I’m filled and empty
with Wiki-smarts.
Wisdom’s in the unknowing,
in bewilderment, wonderment
and doubt.

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