Friday, November 2, 2012

Weights and Measures

There you are caught in a web of algorithmic numerations falling off the fiscal cliff having swallowed indigestiible zeroes at 30,000 feet with time hanging heavy as Tarzan said to Jane it's an analog jungle out there and fast going digital glancing at your $400 watch to see that you’ll be 10 minutes late for the connecting flight but you win some and lose some it’s all a calculated risk since time is money and money is about the bottom line where top executives like you live more or less given a decent bonus if the Dow behaves without even hedging your bet but who’s counting and all vital signs are holding steady at 98.6 providing the 40mg tablet can be taken twice a day raising the HDL and lowering the LDL without a rise in blood sugar above the point of no return so you can rent a 350 XKE and if you make this light you’ll have the next five and arrive on time to beat the spread and out-flank your brother who was a premature long-shot but got all the breaks since 5th grade while you got the short end of the stick but you did the math and are now light years ahead so when our number's up  and we're light as a pin number we all die broke you always say.

More and more there is less and less night sky visible once full of blinks in orbit whose obit hasn’t reached us yet even in the space station where everyone is weightless looking down on us fellow mortals living our days in measureless ways love is uncounted in pluses and minuses and random kindness can go off the charts and be passed along without subtraction even as the nose of liars like you-know-who may grow an enormous inch or two visible to only half of us while the rest are half-blind with no IQ to speak of and now there will be no more polls (amen to that) just poles apart with infinite hope for us yet as the white majority in aggregate becomes the minority aligned with the human family then all of us will rise in the soufflĂ© in the yellow submarine sandwich in the salad bar mitzvah in a group communion body and blood initiated mingling friending in a new numberless macro metric so long division so long columns A and B and so long to us and them. 

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