Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Many Spots of Bother

Such goings-on in this piece of master with new father Matthew dying in child-birth wiping that glee off his face forever while bad butler Thomas gets his face rearranged trying to be a nice guy for once and ditzy cousin Rose won’t go to Bombay but will stay under Downton’s ample roof hanging a thread for possible liaison with him or him next season yes we know it is soap but it is suitable soap  that washes our woes away Crabtree and Evelyn no doubt now that the world is new can’t they hear the Twenties roaring flappers flapping hair bobbing hats cloched even as Carson every inch in livery would stop its orbit while tectonic plates polished or not are shifting under his aching feet just look at plain Edith in her own spot of bother but the dowager will put it all to right don’t you know since Maggie gets the best quips above as Mrs. Hughes dispenses wisdom below and is that former chauffeur Tom who didn’t know his place having risen to be served in a momentary lapse with eyes for the maid but all shall be sorted out at Downton just as they sprung Bates from penal servitude to proper servitude before gentility goes shabby where yet civility will out as the titled oblige nobly and don’t we love them all for their oh so King’s English with elocution given its due by these few these happy few on this sceptred isle this happy breed of men and women on this blessed plot this earth this realm this England.    


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