Thursday, May 23, 2013

Old Men-Talk

Did I tell you my friend fell and broke his shoulder and ankle?
What happened?

His doctor increased his prostate med that can cause light-headedness and he passed out going to pee in the middle of the night
Like my Lasix diuretic? I lost 8 pounds overnight when I took my first dose.

No, like an anti-diuretic. Half of us go too much and half not enough.

We used to ask, Did you come? Now we ask, Did you go?

Isn’t there anyone left who remembers how to pee the way we use to pee?

Who remembers such things?

I remember when I peed in my pants in Kindergarten…. the warmth and the puddle.

Afraid to raise your hand and ask to leave the room?

I wouldn’t put it past me.

I can barely sit in a room now for 2 hours without feeling like I’m going to explode.

It proves that life is cyclic. We end up where we came in.

Just like the way we used to go to the movies any time and wait to connect the end with the beginning.

But I can explain everything, the guy used to say when his wife caught him with lipstick on his handkerchief.

Yeah, that meant he couldn’t explain anything.

That’s the way I feel about life; it can be described but not explained.

You’re making me want to go again.

Don’t let me stop you.







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