Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rain, Reign and More Rein

Finally some wet followed always by official doomsayers warning that it doesn’t make up for a decade of drought. Grow up, El Nino! Give us a manly dump, something we can slurp and slosh in. Something biblical as befits your name, Christ Child, El Nino.

In return, fish and plankton will die off the coast of Ecuador and Peru as the Pacific heats up. It will also parch Eastern Australian and Indonesia. It’s Nature’s equation of life and death. Fisherman of South America suffer for the farmers of North America. A regime change from bottom to top.

Reigns elsewhere also fall. The reign in Ukraine is likely on the wane. Terrains of Husseins are going down the drains. Upheavals, carnage, migrations. The map quakes. This God squabbles with that God. A crowd of prophets and loss.  Heads roll. Fidel and Infidel. Miscreants foul the air with noxious words.

God forbid one of them takes the reins and rustles the horses in a November night then gallops us into an apocalypse. Can we really elect a gladiator / highwayman /  horse thief?

Only one week into the year so we can’t give up. Rain will quench the valleys green. Crops will be picked with illegal hands and undocumented lettuce will return us to salad days.

It is high noon in no-man’s land and faraway reigns will exit town on the next stage to Yuma. The axe-happy thugs shall meet their maker in a bar-room brawl.  I know. I saw the movie….even though the fame of John Wayne remains largely unexplained.

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