Sunday, July 17, 2016

Republican Ramble

Here he comes, Professor Trump
from the University of Himself,
talking Cleveland, cleaving the land,
making America grate again,
like that other professor Harold Hill
talking trouble in River City,
selling the spirit of 76 trombones, selling
the Brooklyn Bridge, his paper moon, his flim-flam.
Part Elmer Gantry, part rainmaker, part
P.T. Barnum, parting the sea, partitioning the border
to keep out the nasties, 
those bad eggs that Humpty-Dumpty dumped
and no king’s horses can put back together again,
only he can do, can do, only the Donald can do.
Look, children, he is Paul Revere sounding forth his
trump-trump that shall never call retreat 
but Durante says Dat’s no trumpet, 
just some tin horn rocking the boat.
Yet he knows where the grapes of wrath are stored,
hears the grumble and the grunt and has the map
to the promised land of milk and money.
He says money makes the world go around, he says,
she’s fat, she’s bloody, she’s a loser, she’s Pocahontas
while he lives in a tower, babbling testaments,
chapter and vice versa godforsaken revelations,  
waxing biblical for the choir, shooting off his mouth
for the trigger-happy ‘cause anything you can do
he can do better, talk-trashier, bash bashier,
strut swaggier and boast brashier.

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