Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Breakfast In the Dark Age

The sun is a bagel, the moon a croissant.
My head’s in the bowl communing with berries.
I ponder my flakes while sipping
a cup of antioxidant brew…but that was then.

Now our toast is burnt in a raisin bread sky
scrambambled eggs have been hacked,
Humpty-Dumpty is Trumped 
and the tea leaves spell doom.

Mold on the muffin, no sun in the O.J. Oh say
can you see that our flag's at half-mast.
The air has been fouled with fibs.
It's mourning in America (that's with a you).

How sweet the sound, not the word.
He promised to bring home the bacon,
to make grate the hash browns,
but they've been hash-tagged and nuked.

He’ll deport the dish-washer, the chef,
the guy who picks berries with an illegal smile.
The 4 AM tweet said let them eat cake,
those crumbs that fall from his plate.

He says he’s pro-life, it’s time to repeal.
Once they're born, who cares?
No more free lunch for losers.
If you’re sick, God forbid. The menu is rigged.

Science is fake, jobs trump pollution,
drill baby drill, let the suckers melt, ask (Ras)putin.
The heatwave's a hoax, the floods and the drought.
Damn solar wind. Burn it with coal, just don’t inhale.

What so proudly we hailed!
Some lives don't matter.The second 
amendment's twice as good as the first.
Read your Bible, then read his. Such a deal!

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  1. Once they're born, who cares? - No doubt right on point.