Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thursday Thanks Day

Of all the holidays on the calendar,
all those three-day weekends,
Mondays with mattress sales,
dead presidents,  dead soldiers
dead words     stump speeches
myth of manger and arcane mumbles

And in spite of…….
240 million dead turkeys (is that possible?),
how we killed our hosts and never left,
breaking bread with a Trump guy, 
(no food fight, please),
Black Friday tomorrow madness,
All the lonely people, 
Where do they all …….

is the one
where we test our threshold
for two of my favorite sins -
gluttony and sloth,
free of piety     secular, 
Can't we all just get along?
inter-tribal   sit down together
second-helping-Day pass the Chardonnay
have a piece of pie      plenitude
abundanza, y’all come-Day,
white and dark     meat
not, I got mine, up yours-Day
but Gratitude Day
our happy accident, 
cosmic crap-shoot Day.

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