Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Peggy Factor

The Peggy Factor

Thursday 10 PM

She loves her doctors, all six of them. She loves Father Paddy, the chaplain. She even loves most of the nurses and quickly got used to the nasal-gastric tube. But the poking, prodding procedures, the prep for them and the dependence on others has tested those two words she lives by: No Resistance.

I marvel at her indomitable high spirit. I know of no other word for it. She is both fully present and yet lifted above in another dimension. Not buoyant but real. Peggy never rehearses bad outcomes. She doesn’t ask, what if or and then what? She lives in the Now. What I call anticipation she calls needless worry. I still have much to learn.

The Now is an obstreperous obstruction like a sig alert on the 405 freeway complete with road rage or to put it another way if the alimentary canal is a stream there is trouble in River City which requires a resection of her colon six inches of which have turned malignantly out of control. The surgery happens tomorrow afternoon.

Friday 10 PM

In spite of her alleged age, aortic stenosis, a compromised tricuspid heart valve and assorted maladies she came through the difficult surgery. She charmed everyone from the gurney including the anesthesiologist over whom she cast her own spell. The Peggy Factor prevailed in defiance of the odds.

I belong to that school which does not believe in prayer or vibes or the so-called transmission of positive energy. At least from a distance. I do believe that love and support, even service dogs, all improve well-being and healing to a certain extent if the recipient is open to receive them. Petitions to god are simply wishes. I know my view is not popular….particularly in Los Angeles. I may need to go into a witness protection program. At the same time my sincere appreciation for all those expressions of their love for Peggy in any way they wish. Don't let me stop you. It can’t hurt….and I may even be wrong.

A positive attitude which Peggy radiates can’t kill cancer cells or Ebola or Aids virus etc… but it most certainly brings out the best in her doctors and caregivers. Open heartedness elicits an open heart in others, a full humanity. It creates a ring of generosity and kindness. A good part of healing is self-healing and those qualities have kept Peggy alive for 97 years come May 2nd.   

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