Saturday, May 19, 2018

Hold on, I Need to Take This Call

Yes, speaking.

You have what?

What sort of dirt? On whom did you say?

I love it.

How soon can we meet?

(This will score some points with Dad. Maybe he’ll increase my allowance)

How will I recognize you? You have one of our red caps? Fine.

How do you spell your name?  Is that with three z’s?

Ok, Ok, don’t get upset.

Yes, I’ll bring him along and him, too.

How much? Unmarked bills, you say? I’ll have to call my Dad.

Just take the elevator to the 37th floor and ask for Junior.

One of our men will take you the rest of the way in a private elevator.

Yes, we are closer to God. Good breeding, I guess.

Make sure you’re not being followed.

Yes, I get it. Sure, those sanctions can be lifted when we get in. No problem.

They’ll disappear faster than your dissidents in the Gulag.

(Wait till my sister hears about this. Maybe I’ll get an office of my own))

By the way, my brother-in-law has this property on 5th Ave which he needs to…

Hello? Hello? I thought we were disconnected. So he needs a small loan...

You say you already know about this? Yes, of course, I’ll see that he’s there with me.

Natalia…may I call you Natalia?

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

And yes, I’ll have Paul also with me. You may have some mutual friends.

Ask Vlad about that hotel in Moscow while you’re at it.

Remember, if anyone should ask, this meeting is all about adopting babies.

Hold on, I need to take this call from The United Arab Emirates.

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