Friday, May 17, 2019

13 Ways of Looking at Donald Trump

A dozen plus one blackbirds just flew out of Wallace Stevens' poem expelling him from their nests.

Taking him out of the equation there are still dental appointments and dead batteries.

Does enormous red tie signify enormous red tie to Putin in plain sight?

Bound and gagged in an abandoned warehouse on the other side of town for 30 months while he ransacks our house.

After this morning’s rain each blossom on the coral tree rimmed with a silver lining making me hopeful for the 2020 election.

Sociopathic mob boss, pathological narcissist or flim-flam con-man… or all of the above?

Bill Sikes surrounded by versions of Uriah Heap. The Dickens you say.

Peaceable kingdom of squirrel, two mourning doves and hummingbird bullied by a crow. I refuse to think of him. 

As he worms his way into my psyche I finally get a chance to end a sentence with the word vermifuge.  

Red cap, orange hair, Pinocchio’s nose, forked tongue… no bird tweets so much.

After his rally the undocumented clean up the illegalities.

Opera composed each day with arias of false notes.

From high in the tower at 4 A.M. blurts drop from the weight of their deceit. Garbage truck awaits.


  1. Very interesting indeed! Plus I learned 2 words new to me, vermifuge and anthelmintic. But, alas, I am quite sure I will never have an occasion to use either of them.

  2. Better keep them handy. With his reptilian brain the worm may wriggle free of the next election.