Sunday, March 21, 2021


Yesterday I got my best birthday present: the results of my cat-scan. All organs, pancreas, liver, spleen, gall bladder and lungs are all termed unremarkable. I’ve always suspected as much. At this age unremarkable is better than fifteen minutes of fame.

I leave that adjective, remarkable, to describe Peggy who will be 100 years young in 5 weeks Until then I’m a mere eleven years her junior. She can hardly remember back that far when she was 88..

There is something special about those years divisible by eleven. At 88 I am now the number of keys on a piano. I expect to grow tusks soon sufficient to furnish the ivory. Then they can ship me off to a Steinway factory for my next incarnation.

The other thing about 8 is when you knock it on its side it becomes infinity which sounds like eternal life to me.

I just looked it up. 88 is a special number in numerology. It is supposed to bring great wealth. Too late; I don’t need a thing. Where would I put it?

The number also has some nefarious symbolic meaning for White Supremacists. Good thing I don’t buy into any of that nonsense.

Come to think of it reaching 88 is remarkable. In baseball terms it’s the bottom of the eighth inning. For a starting pitcher to go that far is noteworthy. As long as my organs remain unremarkable I shall go on into the breach.

The equinox is vernal. Rhododendrons have blanketed the bushes outside our window. Thank you, Rhoda. I hear you singing while our hummingbird is humming and the high wind is swaying. It must be the anniversary of myself.





  1. Well, Norm, your organs maybe unremarkable (and I know that is a good thing) but you most certainly are remarkable! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. you are the most remarkable writer. You capture the wonders of your life so well.

  3. As Gary Cooper would say, after a large gulp, "aw shucks."

  4. Don't be so modest, Norm. You have the greatest wealth possible in the love of your family and friends. Happy Birthday and keep the thoughtful and entertaining blogs coming!