Friday, April 16, 2010

Any Food Dislikes? No, but.....

As long as you asked I have no taste for road kill. I heard Zbigniew Brzezinski's daughter, Mika. speak about how her mother would have diplomats over for dinner and serve whatever she found on the highway. Yummy, they might remark, what is it?

I understand that rattlesnake tastes like chicken. I'm unwilling to verify that report. It may not be fully unalive. My preference is for the fork to do all the moving on my plate.

As a dyslexic atheist I don't believe in dog, even in the best Beijing restaurant.

Maybe my mother was scared by a coconut or I got traumatized by the Marx Bros. movie but I do hate coconuts. I suppose if I were stranded on a desert island with a lone coconut tree it would become my favorite dish. Until then.....

I never met a fruit or vegetable I didn't salivate over. Come to think of it I'm not fond of figs or dates. I don't know why. Does anyone ever know why they push away anything?

While I’m at it, why would anyone contaminate a perfectly fine salad with the addition of walnuts? I ask you. However I must confess that in recent years I rather enjoy a drizzle of walnuts providing they are caramelized. I offer this as exhibit A demonstrating my willingness to be flexible.

Lamb isn't my all-time favorite meat nor is trout something I would order but I don't hate them the way I hate goat cheese or stilton. I know I need to get over this before I start losing friends. There must be something in my mouth that chemically reacts with certain cheeses producing a taste similar to........... No, I can't even say it.

No one could call me a fussy man but I do like a bit of butter to my bread. Though many people, nowadays, eat marmalade instead.


  1. You must be wary of cobra, too, for one of the little-known (and useless) facts I've recently learned is that it's treacherous eating, being full of tiny bones.

  2. I have eaten rattle snake in South Texas and it does taste like chicken and I did not choke on the bones. And I don't like coconut, or figs, or dates. I do love walnuts, both the trees and the nuts. And I love walnut wood in furniture. The other day I read that walnuts are good for blood pressure. So have a handful a day to keep the doc away.

  3. Maybe I should caramelize the furniture in case I'm trapped in an earthquake.