Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Is the Answer

Even if you forgot the question. Not for cynics who avoid the word and sentiment, those who can’t get past the commercialism of the day, who scoff at flowers, candy and Hallmark cards. Get over it. It’s far too easy.

Phooey on them. Why not celebrate, embrace those in your life….life itself? Today is a reminder to express the most important feeling we can offer. Better yet to live the love daily, beyond the words which have been degraded by overuse. As Shakespeare almost said, The quality of loving is twice blessed….to him that gives and to him that receives.

Maybe it all starts with forgiving yourself..........for the blurt that came out of your mouth you want back or the words you didn't say but should have or the library book you lost but then found looking for your lost keys or the cup you chipped and the sock that  got away in the last laundry.  

Love is a large word. It can be Putin believing in his manhood enough to keep his shirt on. It might be Ruhani trusting Israel and Netanyahu returning the trust to Ruhani. Maybe even the Repugnants finding a smidge of humanity in their hearts or John Boehner loving himself enough to stay away from the tanning parlor.  The U.S. Olympic team loving their sport more than the medals. It might be forgiveness for that guy who got in front of you at the check stand or even the Donald Trumps of the world who are to be pitied for the hatred that poisons their mind and impoverishes their souls.

So this evening Peggy and I go out to a candle-lit table, toast our good fortune, family and friends and exchange poems. To be met, heard and seen, fully received. I know of nothing worth doing more than this.

And not once did I mention, Valentine’s Day.

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