Sunday, February 28, 2016

Campaign 2016

Nothing ignites passions like hatred; not love, friendship, nor respect.  It is the entire Republican platform. Derision. Talk softly and you are a loser. Jeb got jabbed with it.

And this is still spring training. Between Super Bowl and Super Tuesday, our two highest holidays. Just a preview of coming attractions. They are clawing each other as if their own MGM lion has been un-caged. Bed-wetter. Choker.

Soon our national pastime, quadrennial carnival will begin in earnest. It’s safe to assume they are saving their best poison barbs for the post-convention full-frontal assault.   

Must we hear that Trumpet?  That rouged-faced, straw-haired Colonel Blimp give ‘m his old razzle-dazzle? Yes, we must. I, for one, offer myself as human sacrifice to lend him my ears and root for the bully-blusterer to jeer himself to ignominy while dragging down the entire GOP ticket. The party of Lincoln, born 1860, dies 2016.

I want him to unload his glossary of invective, release his noxious air. Target skin color, the weak and defective, men who sweat, and those disgusting women who use the bathroom.

I want to hear more about that wall that keeps us from rapists which grows not from grass roots but drops from his sky of pies.

We have lived through a coup d’etat. The Republicans have applied the brake and break to functioning governance. They have subverted the judicial and legislative branches.

I look to their putative candidate to march them into the sink hole. He speaks fluent trash and is wearing no clothes. In full transparency the party of fear and loathing has been un-masked.

Have you no decency, Senator, attorney Welch asked rhetorically of Joe McCarthy. In fact he didn't but the great majority of us will repudiate this litany of name-calling.

It was Chekhov who said that nothing unites us like hatred. If he was right we are doomed. I’m betting he got it wrong.

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