Sunday, February 14, 2016

Life on Coumadin

Cut back on greens, the technician said,
too much Vitamin K
so Peggy sent back the broccoli
for zucchini instead.
Then the salad had spinach
also off-limits.
She opted for kale
but that dreaded  K sound
clotted the corpuscles.
She then ordered coleslaw
and when we got home we saw
cabbage was high on no-no list
and even worse with the mayo.
Pale lettuce is the answer
famous for its absence of K
as in clog.  Let flow the blood
to all ports of call on far archipelagoes
with its oxygen cargo
like a barge down the Mississippi,
Old Man River minus the mud,
no embolisms or eddies or reefs.
Let it gurgle into off-ramps, tributaries
like freeways at 3 AM
no jack-knifed big-rigs, no road-rage.
You could roll a head of lettuce
down the Grapevine but stay away from 
those greeny Ks in the cabbage patch. 

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