Saturday, July 24, 2021

Covering Up

Certain words just roll off the tongue. Too bad diphtheria and syphilis mean what they mean. But eucalyptus is there for the taking. In my next incarnation I want to get dibs on that name. Tall, with a unique bark and not-from around here. That’s me

My first encounter with that smell was inhaling it from the vaporizer and here I am now communing with the bent eucalyptus right outside our kitchen window. You’ve got to love its peeling trunk so striated and weary in its sloughing off. What are you trying to tell me old tree? Or is that just ga dy in fluent Australian from whence you came.

The best thing about eucalyptus is that it is the opposite of apocalyptic. The tree’s name is derived from the Greek meaning good cover. Eu (good) and calyptus (cover) so named by Captain Cook for its well-protected bud.

I’m so tired of apocalypse (no cover) in which life on this planet is left bare, wasted, done. We are, according to Testaments, Old and New, uncovered and subject to the four beasts or horsemen or some such nonsense. Maybe Donald is one of them as pestilence foretold.

If this is a multiple choice, I’ll hug the tree of life with the mellifluous sound. The eucalyptus tree emigrated here from that hemisphere below which may be a portentous messenger. I expect the next hundred years to be an epoch of mass migrations with folks in equatorial or parched regions moving to more moderate zones and everyone thirsty for water.

Let us gather in the eucalyptus grove fully covered and protected by the vaccine singing calypso songs while all the apocalyptic anti-vaxer deniers wait for the next commandment from their puppeteer.

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