Monday, February 24, 2020

Scanned, Scoped and Snipped

The bad news is that Trump is still the guy in the Oval Office. The good news is that my pancreatic and liver biopsy is negative ....which is the most positive news I could be getting after being scoped, scanned and sniped. I was hoping that maybe Trump was all a bad dream and I'd be waking up to greener pastures but that will have to wait till November.

I must admit I enjoyed having a couple of hours subtracted from my consciousness. Given the toxic Zeitgeist it is an attractive alternative. Easier than moving to Canada.

For a while it seemed that my entrails were enacting their version of Trump America or, as John Dean famously put it to Nixon, that a cancer was growing on the presidency. The words, suspicious, lymph nodes, biopsy and pancreas are not the sort one wants to hear in the same sentence. 

Instead I'm told words like like normal and benign. .Even if normalcy has never been a state devoutly to be wished for in this case I'll take it, as long as I can still cultivate my eccentricities.

Now I must get the word to my organs so they can do as they please as benignly as my DNA commands them. Let them stage a a Bernie-like insurrection. Let them overthrow their humdrum secretions. Go ahead, speak Truth to Power but just don't go wild and colonize the ducts and connective tissue... and no regime change.

Now I must return to the barricades, pancreas and all. This is History we are living. I wouldn't want to miss this chapter as America wakes.


  1. Not a duplicate Norm but I wouldn’t mind if it were. Brad and I have the same feelings you do about our health and about our countries terrible state of affairs. I just dread to hear the news every morning. So happy you got a couple of hours of free from it and that your outcome was excellent ! XO