Sunday, February 16, 2020

What Breaks

By the dawn’s early light

breaking news can break your heart.

But the heart grows by breaking

into chamber music. Breakfast is

buttered by the sun. Humpty-Dumpty

broke into a yellow scramble,

then reassembled as omelet, as amulet.

Today has never happened before

with this morning’s minion

until now with its bulletin from the East.

This light through yonder window breaks

more urgently than ignorant misspelled tweets

giving songbirds a bad name. Together

we break bread, break into song,

decontaminate the air with random grace.

The beacon of America is broken.

How many will it take to change the light bulb?

Strange how bro and ken spell split,

not as pea soup or bananas

but split into pole dancing at extremities. 

The newspaper screams yesterday’s news

of a brokered convention, of a party

severed at the seams, fracked

and breaking like waves on the beach

with enhanced interrogation of the shoreline.

Today we break new, go for broke.

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  1. Hi Norm, Insightful as usual. (Just so you know I did get it the first time.)