Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lunch With Friends

Four of us happily here not in Sudan order sub Saharan sand-
wiches triple-decker crisp fries in friendly fire we sit al fresco
commune with chopped salad green imperialism of oil
and vinegar how it colonizes the caramelized walnuts
talk of Tripoli to Tribeca enhanced interruptions suicide road
side burger blood-rare clots the streets no boots on the ground
round just bodies collaterally damaged with intelligent failure
drone remotely controlled missed the misbegot tempers rise and
plunge like Dow’s got the jitters while we sip iced tea talk bomb-
bastically as pensions are lost fortunes made topical tropical far
from barricades even as bulls and grizzlies gorge and gnaw. Who’s
wealthy stays wealthy and who’s Standard & Poor stays standard and
poor so much to chew on and on our plates full of subsidized crops
there’s a genetically tampered tomato gets us juiced while the suits
foxtrot on FOX over which tea is right enough for Iowans to round up
the bus-boy with undocumented arms up his sleeve refills our cups
clears our scraps one eye watching to make a run past border cops
while we chat umbrella cool Bachmann confers with God knows who
sending his wrath for you know what all we’ve been and all we’ve not.
Big government and who needs them I ask you says to evacuate
it’s on the move exactly where and when up from unrecognized Cuba
here comes Goodnight Irene. Check please keep the change. Climate
is as climate does no change and dumb is dumb and woe is we
Noah’s in his ark on the warm Atlantic soup in a boat of split pea.

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