Thursday, August 18, 2011

Poems Everywhere

When a friend sent word her email is being used
by a Viagra company, I knew at once
there must be a poem here somewhere
about erectile dysfunction being hacked.

A magazine article suggests that wolves,
while circling the campfire figured
their chance of survival would increase
with a career move, trading their howl and fangs
for a doggie door.
That big bad wolf who made a meal
of Red Riding Hood
is now a man’s best friend fetching Frisbees,
Yet after all these years they
still haven’t domesticated us.

There are poems everywhere waiting
to be written….. in the cloud that looks
like Tennessee or in the trampoline
the autistic child bounces on
just to feel grounded. The higher he goes
the more joy in his return.

In a courtyard pond of an office building
local gulls have long gathered
for a bit of drink, bath and beyond
after a mid-day meal of trash.
Whose woods these used to be, no longer holds.

As the shore birds scissor the sky,
painting white the green grass below,
hired birds of prey scare the bejesus out of them
with their talons and menacing eye.
The falconer calls his lanner bird, Marlon Brando,
for the way he chews up the scenery.
Audrey Hepburn is the Barbary falcon
which sounds right to my ear

though I’ve known many pirates
in my day and she’s no pirate
nor is this a poem unless I say it is…
The phallic hacker with a vertical leap,
a falconer with predatory movie stars,
a space in the sky that a howl once made,
the winged boy in articulated glee.

…..put together they are the stuff
of which people have died
for the lack of even dreaming of.

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